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Voice Over Classes Coming up in Los Angeles

Voice over isn’t for everyone. Success is a mix of good business practices and professional performance. Is it right for you? And are you right for it? Find out, in this fun session. A top working pro first explains the 27 types of VO, home studios, rates, agents, and more. Then take a turn at the mic. We’ll run through some basics, try different...

Su.   Feb 14th, 1:30pm
Sunday February 14 1:30pm - 5:30pm 1 Session $79.20
Saturday February 27 1:30pm - 5:30pm 1 Session $79.20
Other Dates (2)

Voice over actors are not seen, but are heard on radio and TV commercials, your favorite cartoons and video games, and narrating TV shows on cable channels like Discovery, National Geographic, and The Science Channel. Opportunities for voice actors in other areas like audio books and e-learning modules are increasing. Learn how to start your voice...

T.   Mar 15th, 7pm
All levels
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Do you want to learn what its like to be Voiceover Artist!? Curious about all those voices on cartoons, games, commercials, documentaries, audio books and so much ore? MJ Lallo, Learning Curve's long-time V.O. instructor offers this fun and interactive course right in her own recording studio (located in West Burbank). In this introductory workshop,...

T.   Feb 16th, 7pm
Tuesday February 16 7pm - 10pm 1 Session $49
Tuesday March 15 7pm - 10pm 1 Session $49
Other Dates (2)

Class description to come. Rolland Lopez has studied with Voicetrax, Sue Blu, Bob Bergen, Cynthia Songe, Richard Horvitz, and numerous other great instructors in the industry. During his time as a non-union voiceover actor, he recorded a non-fiction audiobook, was the main voice for the documentary "Serpent and The Sun: Tales Of An Aztec Apprentice",...

3 sessions
T.   Feb 23rd, 7pm

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A career in voice over can be very lucrative. Many voice actors make 6 figure incomes voicing commercials, cartoons and video games, TV promos and movie trailers, even audio books and e-learning modules. But it takes more than just a good voice to have a career as in voice over. You have to be a good voice actor. Learn the acting secrets you must master...

T.   Mar 29th, 7pm

This workshop helps those with good or unusual voices learn the very special requirements of voice over work of commercials and other voice over opportunities. Emphasis is placed on the actor's individual style in preparation for making an excellent demo to command the attention of agents and casting directors. A special voice over textbook and one-on-one...

W.   Feb 10th, 3pm
All levels
Wednesday February 10 3pm - 4:30pm 1 Session $25
Wednesday February 17 3pm - 4:30pm 1 Session $25
Wednesday February 24 3pm - 4:30pm 1 Session $25
Wednesday March 2 3pm - 4:30pm 1 Session $25
Wednesday March 9 3pm - 4:30pm 1 Session $25
Wednesday March 16 3pm - 4:30pm 1 Session $25
Wednesday March 23 3pm - 4:30pm 1 Session $25
Wednesday March 30 3pm - 4:30pm 1 Session $25
Other Dates (8)

Offering 24 hours of instruction over 8 weeks, this class teaches both beginners and professionals alike the comprehensive skills they'll need to know in order to successfully navigate this highly competitive but lucrative industry. Student will discover the secrets of breathing and voice production that all top-flight professionals use to win their...

8 sessions
W.   Feb 10th, 7pm
All levels
Wednesday February 10 7pm - 10pm 8 Sessions $525
Wednesday February 17 7pm - 10pm 8 Sessions $525
Wednesday February 24 7pm - 10pm 8 Sessions $525
Wednesday March 2 7pm - 10pm 8 Sessions $525
Other Dates (4)

Don’t miss this fun, empowering introductory workshop covering the different types of voiceovers and what tools are needed to succeed in the voiceover arena. You’ll be coached on voiceover techniques and receive a professional voiceover evaluation. By the end of the workshop, you’ll have the necessary knowledge to help you decide if this is...

Th.   May 5th, 7pm

This voice over workshop is taught by Marc Graue and the professionals at our studio. Learn everything from interpreting the copy to self direction to developing the right voice to start booking. We will practice looping and voicing to picture and show you how video games are recorded with voxover. We will also critique the quality of your home auditions...

Sa.   Feb 27th, 10am

This level of study is formatted for non-actors only with an emphasis on the following goals: To learn the Kalmenson Method - a simple, yet powerful focus tool for voice over copy that allows the actor to see themselves in any given script and to find your own "truth" in voice over. To learn what to do with a script! When presented with copy anywhere,...

6 sessions
W.   Mar 30th, 7pm
Wednesday March 30 7pm - 10pm 6 Sessions $600
Saturday April 16 10am - 1pm 6 Sessions $600
Tuesday May 10 7pm - 10pm 6 Sessions $600
Saturday June 4 2pm - 5pm 6 Sessions $600
Other Dates (4)

In this interactive class, you will get to the core of what you're trying to say and learn to say it as authentically as possible -- as a singer. You will find your true voice as a singer by accessing the true voice of the character your songs. This class is more than an exploration of song interpretation: it is a masterclass in self-expression. This...

8 sessions
Sa.   Feb 13th, 1:30pm
All levels

All classes are geared toward providing the building blocks needed to create a film. The Evening Workshop is the ideal program for individuals who must balance filmmaking with other responsibilities. Designed for students with little or no filmmaking experience, the course meets three evenings a week from 7:00-9:30 pm in New York City and 7:15-9:45pm...

72 sessions
M.T.W.Th.F.Sa.   Mar 14th, 7:15pm
All levels
Monday March 14 7:15pm - 9:45pm 72 Sessions $3,800
Monday June 13 7:15pm - 9:45pm 71 Sessions $3,800
Monday September 19 7:15pm - 9:45pm 78 Sessions $3,800
Other Dates (3)

By the end of this truly intensive course, you will have the cornerstone of a strong foundation in acting technique as well as its application to scene work and cold readings. Actors Boot Camp Classes    Acting Corps Technique: Utilizing only the useful components of the Meisner Technique and Michael Chekhov technique, learning to live...

18 sessions
T.Th.Su.   Mar 29th, 6pm
All levels

The Summer Six-Week Workshops provide students with a strong foundation in filmmaking in which they each make three films. The longer course period (in relation to the Four-Week program) allows students to concentrate on a longer final film which may be shot on 16mm film or 24p digital. The Six-Week, full-time program is divided into two periods....

36 sessions
M.T.W.Th.F.Sa.   Jun 6th, 9:30am
All levels
Monday June 6 9:30am - 7pm 36 Sessions $4,950
Monday July 11 9:30am - 7pm 36 Sessions $4,950
Other Dates (2)

This Six-Week Film Camp provides students with an intensive introduction to the craft of filmmaking, and gives them an opportunity to direct a longer final film (shot on 16mm or HD digital video) than is possible in our shorter workshops. In the Six-Week Camp each student writes, directs, shoots and edits four short film projects of his or her own...

30 sessions
M.T.W.Th.F.   Jun 27th, 8:30am