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Celebrity Contouring

at Kryolan Professional Make-up - Lincoln Park 2034 N Halsted St, Chicago, Illinois 60614

This intensive four-hour workshop covers the latest techniques in highlighting and contouring--one of the most sought after skills in make-up industry today.  Topics include: Defining and emphasizing features  Corrective contouring  Powder make-up contouring vs. cream make-up contouring All products and tools are provided for in-class...

No Upcoming Schedules

Mama Fit

at Ray Meyer Fitness & Recreation/DePaul U - Lincoln Park 2235 N Sheffield Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60614

Do you want to lose excess baby weight, stay active with your children and meet other moms in the process? If so, this course is for you! This is not your ordinary stroller class! Designed to not only help you lose your baby weight, but also to take your body to the next fitness level. Each class will challenge your body while you have fun doing...

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12 sessions

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Hatha Yoga

at Discovery Center - Irving Park 4318 N Elston Ave 2nd Fl, Chicago, Illinois 60641

Hatha Yoga is an ancient, refined system which improves physical and mental health. The postures promote flexibilty, strength, balance and concentration. Breathing exercises and guided deep relaxation help one in coping with daily stress. All ages benefit from Hatha Yoga, it creates an overall sense of well-being. Wear comfortable clothing and bring...

No Upcoming Schedules

6 sessions

Egyptian Power and Healing Secrets

at Infinity Foundation - Highland Park 1280 Old Skokie Valley Rd, Highland Park, Illinois 60035

In ancient times, Egyptian healing techniques were praised for health and power by people from across the ancient globe who journeyed to the Egyptian temples. Gain unparalleled, cutting-edge teachings of the ancient master’s most prized secrets—using pliable and free energy—vibrations on all levels for information, healing, practical purposes,...

No Upcoming Schedules


at Wright Graduate University - Gold Coast 445 E Ohio Ste 400, Chicago, Illinois 60611

Our breathing impacts our health, and can help us to heal our physical and emotional issues. Since the 1970’s, various forms of breathwork (i.e. conscious breathing) have been used to create self-awareness, reduce stress and tension, as a means of personal and spiritual development, and to promote overall states of well-being. In these sessions,...

No Upcoming Schedules

Using Plant with Medicine Kids

at Infinity Foundation - Highland Park 1280 Old Skokie Valley Rd, Highland Park, Illinois 60035

Plant medicine is flower remedy extracts that come from plants  all over the world that target emotional and mental balance. Just smelling certain combinations can increase concentration, confidence,  and peacefulness.  In this hands-on informative playshop, make a spray using all natural plant extracts to help you to feel your best...

No Upcoming Schedules

Learn How to Make Kefir

at Mary's Wholesome Living - Naperville 222 S Main St, Naperville, Illinois 60540

Kefir is like yogurt with it tartness, but also has a yeasty flavor which adds an effervescence to this nutritional drink. The bacteria in kefir are a different strain of probiotics that can colonize the intestinal tract. Kefir has twice as many strains of beneficial bacteria. Most commercial kefir contains added sugar, pectin, and fillers. Ours will...

No Upcoming Schedules

Heal Yourself, Heal Your Life

at Infinity Foundation - Highland Park 1280 Old Skokie Valley Rd, Highland Park, Illinois 60035

At the end of the course, the students will experience balance energy flow for self healing. Course Description: The students will be taught on how to unblock the flow of energy from within. There can be blocks in the flow of energy in your body caused by many things that can manifest as physical or emotional ailments. When blocks are cleared, energy...

No Upcoming Schedules

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Ultra Barre

at Dance Center Evanston - Evanston 1934 Dempster St, Chicago, Illinois 60202

Adult classes are taught in a positive and encouraging environment for beginners, returners, and professionals. Adult classes are open to drop-in students.

No Upcoming Schedules

Benefits of a Healthy Gut

at Infinity Foundation - Highland Park 1280 Old Skokie Valley Rd, Highland Park, Illinois 60035

The gut or digestive system is often referred to as the second brain. It is a river that runs through you. Each day you put pounds of foreign substances into your mouth hoping your body can distinguish friend from foe. Because the gut is the largest interface in your body, it makes sense that it is also the seat of the immune system. However, the gut...

No Upcoming Schedules

Basic Pilates

at Lou Conte Dance Studio - Near West Side 1147 W Jackson Blvd, Chicago, Illinois 60607

Pilates is a progressive series of exercises based on the system developed by Joseph Pilates. Taught by instructor certified in the authenic method. Basic Pilates is designed for students who have no previous training or experience in pilates.

No Upcoming Schedules

Spiritual Channeling Intensive

at Infinity Foundation - Highland Park 1280 Old Skokie Valley Rd, Highland Park, Illinois 60035

Spiritual channeling takes you beyond the physical world to make contact with the spiritual realm—where your guides and angels reside. The desire to channel is as old as humanity itself.  Channeling with the gods in a trance was highly developed among ancient cultures. Prophets, saints, and holy ones received divine guidance through channeling,...

No Upcoming Schedules

2 sessions

Energetic Detox

at Infinity Foundation - Highland Park 1280 Old Skokie Valley Rd, Highland Park, Illinois 60035

The energy around you can affect your mood, vitality, and general well-being. Just as you can catch another person’s cold, you can also be affected by their attitude and behavior. Use cleansing techniques for your body, mind, and spirit. Gain insights and techniques that can be integrated to keep your surroundings and your internal universe detoxed...

No Upcoming Schedules

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Restoring Joy

at Infinity Foundation - Highland Park 1280 Old Skokie Valley Rd, Highland Park, Illinois 60035

Restoring joy is possible before, during, and after loss, grief, chaos, or stress. Find out about protocols that you can easily apply every day to function with joy, no matter what life puts in your way, by implementing new understanding on how to reach joy by: R – Releasing resistance  E – Easing into neutral  S – Stop overthinking ...

No Upcoming Schedules

Qigong for Health and Healing

at Infinity Foundation - Highland Park 1280 Old Skokie Valley Rd, Highland Park, Illinois 60035

Tap into your innate ability to feel life force energy coursing through your body using breathing exercises, stretches, and flowing movements. Through simple, easy to do exercises, focus on cultivating, circulating, clearing, and storing energy chi for health and healing benefits. Use self-healing techniques and direct the flow of energy through the...

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6 sessions

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