Iron & Oar

Iron & Oar

Lakeview, Chicago, Illinois
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Rowing + Weights

Unlike other forms of cardio, rowing works the entire body at the same time Legs, Core, and Arms. Combining rowing with muscle sculpting weight exercises we have created a workout that challenges every part of your system.

As the most joint friendly type of workout, unlike spinning rowing works what’s called your “full range” of muscles so you are lengthening and strengthening muscle at the same time.

Work more muscles than spinning, get better cardio than yoga, and less impact than running. Rowing is the best way to burn calories without sacrifice losing lean muscle. Work every muscle in your body and burn more than 700 calories in one 45 minute class.

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2933 N Halsted St, Chicago, Illinois 60657
Iron & Oar
Lakeview, North Side
2933 N Halsted St
At Oakdale Ave
Chicago, Illinois 60657