OH Art Foundation

OH Art Foundation

Bridgeport, Chicago, Illinois
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OH Art Foundation offers Weekly small group Visual Language program for age between 5years old - 8th grade

The OH Art School was founded in 2009 in Northbrook, IL to offer quality children art programs. We focus on children art education and offer opportunities to Open students’ Horizons through art programs. From weekly small group lessons to portfolio development, OH Art enriches and challenges the students by introducing various cultural elements through different visual projects. In our weekly small group Visual Language program, children can learn how to express themselves in a creative way while receiving individualized attention - 6 students max per teacher. Students explore and learn through both individual and collaborative projects using various materials. All the materials needed are provided by the class including an 18” x 24” sketchbook. Year-round visual language programs epitomize with an annual student art exhibition in December.

Why join us? – Retrained by the educational curriculum, children have less and less opportunities allowed for creative learning. Art education is vital in the development of young children. Art education benefits young children to develop hands-on skills in the nature of working with tools. The process of art making also strengthens the students’ cognitive development in the understanding of cause and effect with hands-on experiences. It is a program where children can have fun while learning various cultures through visual language.

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1029 W 35th St, Chicago, Illinois 60609
OH Art Foundation
Bridgeport, South Side
1029 W 35th St
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Chicago, Illinois 60609

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