Gearhead Workspace

Gearhead Workspace

Life Skills
Armour Square, Chicago, Illinois
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When embracing a cramped city lifestyle, most auto enthusiasts don’t have the required space and necessary tools to enjoy their hobby. As Gearhead owners Molly & Tim grew frustrated with their inability to perform even regular maintenance, they decided to create a unique space that would solve this problem. They spoke with fellow enthusiasts, meticulously planned for peak functionality, identified key resources, and then built an open-community garage to enhance the urban lifestyle of auto lovers.

The overriding goal in creating the garage was to forge a communal space where enthusiasts could share ideas, expertise, and resources to the benefit of all members. Embracing experienced mechanics, DIYers, and those just starting to learn how to service their vehicles, the space is built to provide everything one needs to continually learn and excel. Professional mechanics are on staff to help with projects and provide advice. Classes and tutorials help members advance their knowledge base. Special events and activities bring members together under the umbrella of a common passion.

From experienced gearheads who won’t let anyone else touch their car to beginners who don’t even know where to start, we’ll help you get the most out of your efforts.

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(1 Review)
Learn To Change Your Disk Brakes

Michael P.

Attended: Learn To Change Your Disk Brakes

Michael P. gave this class 5 out of 5 CourseHorse stars.

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305 W 31st St, Chicago, Illinois 60616
Gearhead Workspace
Armour Square, South Side
305 W 31st St
Btwn S Shields & Princeton Avenues
Chicago, Illinois 60616

Geahead Workspace is located on 31st St, just two blocks west of I90/94 and about a mile west of Lake Shore Drive.

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