Attain Group, LLC

Attain Group, LLC

The Loop, Chicago, Illinois
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The school consist of professionals from diverse personal and industry backgrounds. Our primary experience derives from fields such as the military, teaching/training, executive management, performance consulting, and various levels of entrepreneurship.

Our Mission: To encourage and enable individual success from both a traditional career path and entrepreneurial standpoint. Through workshops/seminars, and professional coaching, we will deliver the tools, techniques, and insight necessary for sustained career path growth. And, by partnering, provide the resources essential to empowering new entrepreneurs. In addition, our company will work closely with other organizations that focus on individual achievement to expand their reach and capabilities.

Vision: It is two-fold, to create an environment in which all individuals can reach their career path potential, and where entrepreneurial courage and spirit is the norm. There would be no self-imposed institutional constraints. In this new world, every positive dream can be realized.

Values: Competitive, Considerate and Fair, Proactive, Honesty and Integrity, Visionary, Quality in everything we do, Empowering, Believe in Diversity.

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233 S Wacker Dr 67th Fl, Chicago, Illinois 60606
Attain Group, LLC
The Loop, Downtown/Loop
233 S Wacker Dr 67th Fl
Btwn W Adams St & W Jackson Blvd
Chicago, Illinois 60606