Cory Byers

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Cory Byers has had his work published in various mediums on multiple occasions. With over a decade of experience, Cory's passion for the arts reflects his vision of the world which he enjoys sharing with his students. 

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Beginners Photography


Attended: Beginners Photography

I honestly feel that watching a YouTube video about basic photography skills might've provided more clear information. Unfortunately, I found our teacher to be incredibly scattered, unstructured and unable to articulate clearly the skills he was attempting to teach. We "learned" about shutter speed, aperture, ISO, for what feels like the entire time. That should've been one class - learn what each is and play around with it on your own. Then we transitioned into editing (where only one person in the class had Photoshop) and basically watched the instructor click around for 30 minutes in the program that no one had. A waste of time frankly. I suppose I was hoping for more of a stylistic look at photography...the rule of thirds, framing, composition, etc. In the end, while using manual mode on a DSLR camera is cool, and understanding shutter speed & aperture is great, I can bet that majority of the class will resort to Auto mode and move on with their lives.

Beginners Photography

Daniel B.

Attended: Beginners Photography

Daniel B. gave this class 5 out of 5 CourseHorse stars.