Andi Punter

Teaches at La Scuola at Eataly Chicago

Andi Punter has worked at Franz Haas as the Sales & Marketing Director for four years. However, Andi first met the Franz as a former fitness and personal coach. At the time, Andi had worked as a freelance personal trainer for more than ten years, and had developed a series of seminars named “Power 4 Jobs.” The series was developed for companies that wanted to offer their employees a way to stay fit.

Maria Luisa Manna and Franz Haas have always been particularly health-conscious, and in August 2007 Maria Luisa started a special fitness program with Andi. But Andi wasn’t only a fanatic coach, he was also passionately interested in wine. It was not uncommon for Andi to escort Maria Luisa to wine tastings after their morning fitness session. In the afternoon he joined the wine tastings and worked like he was part of the winery. Maria Luisa and Franz were delighted about Andi’s work ethic and offered him a job. At first Andi declined the offer, but thankfully in 2010 Andi reconsidered and formally joined the Franz Haas Team.

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