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Photography Classes Coming up in Los Angeles

Photography Walk Along the Santa Monica Pier

at Isla Studio Photography - Santa Monica, California

Please join us on a two-hour, light stroll down and around the Santa Monica Pier. We always go during twilight, or "magic hour" as we like to call it. You always want to capture a subject in the best light, and the sunset along the Pier can not be beat! It will be a small class of 10-15 people. All you need is a camera and the desire...

Sunday Oct 23rd, 3pm


Secrets of Digital Photography

at El Camino College - Torrance, California

Explore the world of digital photography. This course provides an introduction to digital photography along with hands-on activities utilizing the beautiful campus as your photography canvas Whether you're new to photography or a longtime professional making the change to the digital world, this class will provide an introduction to new opportunities....

Saturday Oct 8th, 9am

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3-Hour Beginner's Photography

at Isla Studio Photography - Santa Monica, California

Learn to capture beautiful photos and never miss a memory again. Have you ever wondered why after spending hundreds of dollars on the latest cameras you still can't get photos you're really proud of? We're not talking about the party snapshots you post on Facebook, but stunning landscapes that can be considered fine art and grab attention for longer...

Sunday Oct 23rd, 10am


One Day of Street Photography

at Los Angeles Center of Photography - Los Angeles, California

This one-day workshop provides you an intimate hands-on experience for learning the skills and practice of producing great street photography.  January 30 Ibarionex shows and demonstrates his personal approach for seeing, composing and capturing images of the theater of the street. Exploring different communities in Los Angeles he will demonstrate...

Saturday Oct 8th, 10am


Basic Photography

at Los Angeles Center of Photography - Los Angeles, California

In this beginning six-week workshop, students will learn all the controls and functions on their digital or film Single Lens Reflex (SLR) cameras, basic camera operation (including f-stop, shutter speed and ISO), fundamental concepts of photography, and how to control the photograph’s final look.  Discussions include composition and light,...


5 sessions

Monday Oct 17th, 1pm

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A National Park Photography Master Class: Lassen

at California Center for Digital Arts - Los Angeles, California

This 4-day course is inclusive of field capture and post-processing training. Photographers learn valuable insights about creative landscape photography, landscape thematics, environmental considerations, and to create landscape works that say and do more than what the camera captured. You will learn the magic of landscape compositions, simplification...


5 sessions

Tuesday Oct 4th, 8am


Filters for Light Control

at Creative Photo Academy - Torrance, California

Learn to use polarizer, neutral density, and graduated filters to make better scenic images. Great landscape images are found in nature but they are built in your camera. Learn to use the light, your lens, foreground & background and filters to create stunning outdoor photos.

Sunday Oct 16th, 10am


City Sights: Street Photography

at Los Angeles City College - Los Angeles, California

It’s a new day with expert photo instructor Raul Guereque! Learn how to tell a story with your photos and document the interesting objects, people and natural landscape of Los Angeles. More practice of framing, composition, exposure, shutter speed, and ISO. First meeting is on/around campus, fun and interesting off-campus location for day 2! Recommended...


2 sessions

Sunday Oct 9th, 9:30am


The Art of Travel Photography: Creating Travel Images

at Los Angeles Center of Photography - Los Angeles, California

Full Course Name: The Art of Travel Photography: How to Create Emotionally Compelling Travel Images Learn the concepts and techniques to consistently create powerful and compelling travel images. Whether you enjoy shooting wildlife, landscape, people or any other kind of travel photography, instructor Lorne Resnick will explain what goes into making...

Saturday Nov 5th, 10am


Level 1 Photography

at Creative Photography Workshops - Los Angeles, California

Get going on your dream to understand your camera and improve your images! This workshop offer the basics of photography and manual camera skills. The course brings students up to speed on new camera technology and teaches you how to visually explore and experience your surroundings from behind the lens. Creative practical assignments will be given. ...


10 sessions

Monday Oct 3rd, 10am

Other dates (6)

City Lights: Night Photography

at Los Angeles City College - Los Angeles, California

First class meeting is on campus, after that, get out and explore one of the most visually stunning nightscape cities in the world: Los Angeles. If you want to take pictures at night, this class will provide you with the basics of night photography. Practice framing, composition, exposure, shutter speed, and ISO at Walt Disney Concert Hall and Griffi...


3 sessions

Monday Nov 14th, 6:30pm


Shooting Video with Your HDSLR

at Los Angeles City College - East Hollywood, California

Get the basics! With this beginner’s class, start using your DSLR camera to shoot HD video of your film shorts, documentary, interviews or just the family. Learn how to setup your camera correctly for video shooting including: your best exposure and recording format.The instructor will demonstrate how to review clips, and injest your clips into...

Saturday Nov 19th, 9:30am


Intermediate Photography

at Creative Photography Workshops - Los Angeles, California

Enhance your way of seeing and take your photographic vision to the next level. Through field trips, interesting assignments and critiques, students will advance their technical photographic skills with the primary emphasis on creative camera work. Prerequisites: Beginning Photography Student furnishes fully manual DSLR camera & printing.


10 sessions

Wednesday Oct 5th, 10am

Other dates (4)

Black & White Printing - Refresher

at Santa Monica College - Santa Monica, California

Do you have files and files of black and white negatives—or even rolls of film—from the era of true printing? Here’s the perfect opportunity for you to refresh and improve your darkroom skills while printing images from your own negatives. Learn how to use the enlarger and the procedures for developing prints, toning prints, and the presentation...


5 sessions

Sunday Oct 23rd, 1pm


On the Street with Your Camera

at Santa Monica College - Santa Monica, California

Learn how to capture images the way documentary photographers do. If you are an intermediate/advanced photographer, find out how to use imagery to make statements without words. This hands-on workshop covers composition, visual direction, lighting (natural and flash), proper lens selection, and controlling depth of field. With an emphasis on the...


5 sessions

Saturday Oct 22nd, 2pm