Roberto Tapia

Teaches at Roda Movements

Roberto Tapia (Instructor Busho) has been training with Capoeira Sul da Bahia for over 14 years in Chile and Brazil under the direction of Contra-Mestre Maxuel and Mestre Railson. Since moving to D.C., Roberto has spent the past five years teaching Capoeira to students at the University of Maryland, American University now he has has a dedicated group of capoeiristas that train throughout the week at his own studio "RODA Movements". Roberto has annually organized Batizados (Graduation Ceremonies) where the mestres, professors, and capoeristas of all levels participate in traditional dances as well as open rodas to initiate students with higher belts (as in other martial arts disciplines). Mestres and professors come from Brazil, France, Canada, and diferent part of the USA to participate in these events. In 2009 Roberto received the cord of instructor in Bahia Brazil at the 4th International Capoeira Sul da Bahia Event-Encounter. 

Roberto works with students of all ages and has several afterschool programs and children’s classes in DC and MD. Additionally, Roberto organizes and performs in demonstrations and workshops across the DC metropolitan area and is passionate about passing on the rich culture and tradition of Capoeira.

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