Brianne Pena-Serrano

Teaches at Roda Movements

An Oklahoma native, Brianne has a long love of dance, but her passion for fitness began when she moved to the D.C. area in 2014. Brianne has 16 years of classical ballet training and continued dance classes through the University of Oklahoma while earning her Bachelor's degree in Journalism. It was while working in Oklahoma City that Brianne met her husband, Sean, whose military career led them from Oklahoma to Okinawa, Japan to Washington D.C. After moving to D.C., with their new baby boy in tow, Brianne fully embraced the fitness culture of the region. She and began running regularly, and taking dance, yoga, and barre fitness classes. Brianne quickly settled in her new niche and became a nationally certified Group Fitness Instructor through the Aerobics and Athletics Association of America in 2016 and is certified in Metrobarre through the Metropolitan School of the Arts. Brianne loves the positive impact dance and fitness have on her health and life as a mother and wife, and she hopes to help inspire wellness in others through her continued growth and passion.

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