Teaches at Roda Movements

Andressa started samba at the 8years old,  always involved in music (because my parents were musicians) Andressa found in samba a way of express all her emotions,  ofr her Samba is “The truly happiness of life”. Andressa got her first title of Princess of the Carnival of Santos (São Paulo) in 2011, Musa of battery in 2012, Queen of Carnival Santos (São Paulo) in 2013, and Musa of the samba school Eagle Of Gold 2014 to 2016. She had the opportunity to make Sea Cruises (MSC) teaching samba her  last job was in Japan in the city of Shinjuku giving classroom and doing the opening of carnival, “carnival is my life”, and I want to with what little they know because I’m always in learning, teaching, and spreading to all where step.