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Founded in 1972, DCTV is a non-profit media arts center for NYC’s independent filmmakers. Fostering a diverse and inclusive community in its landmark firehouse located in Chinatown/Tribeca, DCTV provides affordable workshops, production equipment and space rentals, post-production facilities, a signature screening and event series, renowned youth media programs, and more – all under the same roof as its award-winning documentary production house.

Offering over 150 hands-on workshops in digital filmmaking and media arts each year, from basic video production to advanced editing, DCTV is a one-of-a-kind training facility. Unlike other centers, we provide the space and the gear, and keep class sizes small so you can gain a wealth of information in a short amount of time. With consistently low prices and a convenient location, you don’t have to stop your life to pick up a new skill.  

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(228 Reviews)
Online Workshop: After Effects: Titles and Infographics


Attended: Online Workshop: After Effects: Titles and Infographics

Was hoping that it would focus on title design for film opening/end credits or for animating text on screen in videos and focus on infographics such as bar graphs, pie charts and data driven graphics like number counters, HUD displays and such. But his focus was scattered across showing as many project files as he could and skimming over steps while telling stories or making jokes. This course would be better titled as After Effects Tips and Tricks. A lot of time was wasted waiting for his computer to render the video in the app in order to see the animations. He should have rendered a .mp4 video of the animation before the workshop for us to open alongside the project so that we could preview what the animation will look like before he started diving into a project and showing us his steps. Sometimes we would open a project, follow him as he pointed out certain steps and then eventually we would see the end result and I thought the payoff was not worth all the time spent going over it. Some of the tips/tricks he mentioned were good to know, but you could learn those shortcuts/hot keys in an AE Fundamentals course. It felt like he focused on showing tricks as he showed his previous work and it could have been better if he chose a few really cool infographic or title styles and did a whole session on mastering that style/animation and then moving on to the next.

Camera Fundamentals


Attended: Camera Fundamentals

One of the best workshops I have done!



Attended: Photoshop

Tom was very knowledgeable and patient when you had questions or made a mistake. He even took the time to see if we had questions on anything he didn't cover but we wanted to know more about. The only downside to the class was that he didn't have any notes or handouts to give up of his own knowledge or shortcuts he spoke about in class. They were very helpful and I wish we had his "cliff notes". I took an Excel workshop before and they handed out a packet like this. He did give us some printouts of shortcuts that he found online for us. But besides that, great class!



Attended: Avid

I left the class early after the lunch break and didn't return the second day. I don't know if it was for me and I felt like it might have been for people who had a baseline understanding of video editing.



Attended: Premiere

Good intro class. Definitely geared towards beginners, as it goes into a lot of detail about the Premiere interface, and basics like saving/ exporting files and importing clips. Helpful instructor and small class size.


Jane M.

Attended: Avid

Great class! Ed was very knowledgeable and super helpful

Production Week


Attended: Production Week

Good overview of the basics. My main critique is that the instructors seem to have expertise in particular aspects of production but aren’t necessarily knowledgeable in all areas, so what you get out of the course is limited.

Online Workshop: Trailer Editing

Will R.

Attended: Online Workshop: Trailer Editing

The workshop is great for people wanting to understand the fundamental structure of trailers and key elements. For those more advanced, you get to see the instructor's editing workflow in Adobe Premiere Pro. I wouldn't mind if this course was longer and allowed for more time on the editing process. The instructor is great!

Get Your Film Into Festivals


Attended: Get Your Film Into Festivals

1. Class needed to be 30 minutes longer, especially with there being total beginners. Initially a good amount of time was spent answering questions, thus it is important to allow enough time to answer all. Subsequently, the syllabus was left to the end and less time to cover in depth. 2. Another option is to just create an intermediate level for people with festival experience versus total beginners. But ideally just extend the time by15-30mins to help. Or the last option is to just remove the short instructor film video shown & discussion, as this will help save time for student questions. 3. Insert instructor name with final email confirmation. 4. Add a way for students to contact each other after class for networking. Thanks

Production Week

Anneliese D.

Attended: Production Week

Great course for beginners with little or no technical experience. Covered camera, lighting, audio and shooting fundamentals. Small class size and great teacher!

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