Knit Nirvana

Knit Nirvana

Forest Park, Chicago, Illinois
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Knit Nirvana is a full service yarn store, offering an array of beautiful, quality yarns, a full spectrum of knitting and crochet supplies and a wealth of expertise in knitting and crocheting.

We strive to inspire and teach you to enjoy both your finished handmade object and the entire crafting experience. We hope to impart the bliss of knitting and crocheting within a relaxed, friendly and fun environment; to enable you to create artistic, singular garments and objects.


Knit Nirvana owner Sue Jaffee has dreamed of opening her own shop with a relaxed vibe, quality fibers and all the beautiful notions and accouterments. She has made her nirvana at 7453 W. Madison in Forest Park. An expert knitter of 46 years, Jaffee wants to share the experiences of seeing color and feeling texture with new knitters. “I love the meditative rhythm, the challenge of the pattern, the tactile feel and the bonus of having something tangible and beautiful at the end.”

She has assembled a staff of other expert needle artists at Knit Nirvana. Staff can help select projects, read patterns, calculate how much yarn is needed and interpret directions no matter what your level of expertise. There is no pressure to perform at Knit Nirvana, just helpful people who want you to enjoy knitting and crocheting as much as they do!

Reviews of Knit Nirvana

(1 Review)
Beginning Knitting

Marie H.

Attended: Beginning Knitting

Class was great went at student's speed!! Great teacher

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7453 W Madison St, Chicago, Illinois 60130
Knit Nirvana
Forest Park, West Side
7453 W Madison St
Btwn Burkhardt Ct & Desplaines Ave
Chicago, Illinois 60130

Teachers at Knit Nirvana

Elin Thorgren Jess Cadwell & Jazmin Dua Judith Bouchard Katherine Hegg Katherine, Judith & Sue Parvaneh Mollakarimi Sue Jaffee Yewon Kwon & Grace Makuch