Paul Fehribach

Teaches at La Scuola at Eataly Chicago

Chef Paul Fehribach’s was born and raised in the rolling, forested hills of Southern Indiana. Paul Fehribach calls the small town of Jasper home and vividly recalls ample time as a youngster spent on family farms, exploring the wonders of kitchen gardens, and wandering the woods hunting and fishing. Years later, upon opening Big Jones Restaurant,  these early experiences would shape Fehribach’s approach to the Southern culinary cannon, taking things beyond superficial farm-to-table proclamations while seeking deeper meaning in the history and heritage behind the Southern table. Applying his passions for history and social science to cooking, Fehribach believes that only by grounding a cuisine in the richness of its history can one look forward with a trained eye into the future. Resulting is an obsession with heritage and heirloom crops and livestock breeds, traditional farming methods, and culinary history.

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