Saverio, Vittorio Borgia and Sarah Minnick

Teaches at La Scuola at Eataly Chicago

Sicilian brothers Saverio and Vittorio Borgia are pizzaioli (pizza makers) who run two restaurants bearing the same name in two different cities, Bioesserì in Milan and Palermo. At Bioesserì, the brothers rely heavily on high-quality ingredients to fill their menu with dishes that reflect Italy — including pizza Napoletana. When dining, their goal is for you to understand and believe that bio is synonymous with taste, goodness, and health.

Sarah Minnick is the co-owner of Lovely’s Fifty Fifty, a trendy pizza-focused restaurant located in Portland, Oregon. Sarah is a self-taught pizzaiola (pizza maker) who creates “market-to-oven pies” with an extreme focus on seasonal ingredients topping her wood-fired pizzas. Lovely’s Fifty Fifty fosters close relationships with local farmers and producers and buys 100% of the vegetables, cheese, and meat used in their pizzas from them. In 2017, Sarah was awarded the best pizza title at Identità Milano; similarly, it is said that she has "perfected the Portland pizza" and is known as the best pizza maker in Portland. 

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